Reliable and Trusted Partner

We have been working with Shift Computer Services for over 10 years. They are always responsive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Shift keeps our firm operational and secure. I highly recommend their service and support.

Patti Smith Office Manager
Weisz & Santagata, LLP

True 24/7/365 Protection and Availability

I sleep soundly at night knowing that our company data and line of business applications are secured and backed up with a proven solution. For over five years, Shift Computer Services’ full-service Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery service has saved our company from several server crashes and allows us to recover data reliably and quickly in the event of corruption or deletion. ShiftCS has become a true business partner who works with us through a wide range of IT needs, whether it be a late-night power outage emergency or establishing and migrating to a new domain. They provide real solutions to myriad of business problems and offer great insight into new and emerging technologies.

Donald Adams Avalon Laboratories
Nordson Corporation

A Trusted Technology Solution Provider

Shift Computer Services consistently provides top notch support and services to keep our busy shop up and running. Whenever an issue arises, ShiftCS is quick to respond and resolve our issues. Over the past 12 years my experience with ShiftCS has been 100% positive. They provide reliable and consistent support, communication and follow through. Justin and his staff have the values you look for in a business partner: integrity, honesty, great work ethic, with a positive and friendly attitude. I trust and value our relationship and feel as though we are friends rather than just my IT vendor.

Chris O’Dell Sessemo

Quality and Consistency

I have used Shift Computer Services for over 10 years and have found them to be trustworthy, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable. It is great to have them think about what is best for us and NOT what will make them the most money. We have used them for various computer hardware and telephone equipment purchases and services. They are a top-notch company. A high-quality IT company with excellent service and honest people.

Greg Kennebeck PromedSI

Extension of our Practice

Justin and the ShiftCS team is an extension of our practice. His team is very reliable and knowledgeable. We can rely on ShiftCS for their IT services and advice.

Carmen Hayes Pacific Pediatric Cardiology Medical Group

Go to Vendor

ShiftCS has served as our technology "go to" vendor for several years. Their knowledgeable experience has been instrumental in upgrading our equipment and software throughout our company. Their staff is very reliable and available to assist or just answer questions.

Sherie Brooks Proficiency Capital, LLC

Excellent Service and Peace of Mind

For over 15 years, ShiftCS has provided our firm with excellent service and peace of mind. As the firm has grown, we have counted on ShiftCS to help us expand, they have always been there for us, whether creating expanded services or resolving problems with same-day efficiency. After years of struggling with IT and phone technical service providers, ShiftCS has removed all that anxiety. We trust them, they get it done, they are always there when we need them.

Michael McGuire Attorney
California Elder Law Center

Trusted Partner

I have been using Shift Computer Services for over 10 years now for two of my businesses and personal IT support. The staff is quick, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy, which is important in today’s society and for the successful operations of your business. Shift Computer Services is a high-quality IT company that offers straight forward solutions pricing for excellent services. I would recommend them to just about anyone.

Stephen Reese Executive Vice President
GreenWave Products, LLC

Part of the team

ShiftCS has been a huge help to get us into the 21st century with our computer systems. They have become a huge part of our team here at Austin/Jones Corp. They have been very responsive when we need help. We have not had anything that they were not able to figure out. They have been very easy to work with and very professional in the computer IT field. I would highly recommend them for all business computer needs. We would not be the company we are today without their help.

Steve Jones Austin/Jones Corp